About Us

In 2007 Priority Patient Transport began operations in our Harrisonburg, VA office. Having identified a need to improve the level of both patient care and customer service in the industry regionally, the company has always focused on providing excellent medical care to our patients and an equally high level of customer service to our facility customers.

On top of seeking out caring and professional medical providers, our company assures all operations are completed with safety and compliance in mind. From our newest provider to our most senior dispatcher, our staff consistently have safety in mind at every step. Our standards for driver safety are some of the highest in the industry. Our equipment is purchased based on its ability to help us provide comfort and safety at every move. Our dispatchers, providers and billing staff are highly trained in recognizing the compliance and documentation needs of insurance agencies, Medicare and Medicaid and all of the many brokers active in Virginia. Our intent is to ensure our transports are completed in compliance with all regulations and that payment is received from the most appropriate source, not the easiest one!

We are not a 911 agency. Priority Patient Transport is a private ambulance company, so we are not associated with a municipality or limited to a geographic area. (One exception – all transports must either originate or end within Virginia) We are also not directed by a hospital or medical system or limited to their facilities. This means that if you need to visit a hospital or doctor that is hours away from your home, would like to obtain a second opinion at another facility, or you were visiting the area but became ill or injured and now need transportation home, we can offer our long-distance transportation services. During the process we will help you navigate interactions with your insurance company and provide you with clear estimates of what your insurance will and will not cover.

We strive to be the best in the industry and our customer feedback reflects it. If you, a family member or your medical facility is in need of a reliable medical transportation company, feel free to contact us just to discuss your needs and how we can meet them!